LED Display Cases/Projects

YUCHIP is China’s leading LED display and solution manufacturer and provider. We started our journey in the LED industry back decades ago, and our main goal is to provide outstanding service and quality products to different countries globally.

Over the years, we’ve accomplished hundreds of LED projects in different locations globally, and here are a few of the LED cases and projects we’ve transported to numerous sites.

Feel free to send us an inquiry or message if you’re interested in any of the projects below and want a similar product for your needs. Please visit our website, https://www.yuchip-led.com/, to learn more.


YUCHIP Indoor P2.5 Fixed LED Display Screen In Myanmar 1

One business owner should invest in LED Display to expand advertising possibilities. LED Display, when used purposively, can benefit you in the long run.

YUCHIP Stadium Rental P4.8 LED Display Debut in Hungary 2

Sporting events expect a vast number of spectators. And one way to help them appreciate and enjoy the game is by..

YUCHIP P20 Outdoor Advertising Screens In Peru 3

Outdoor advertising screens give a higher possibility of higher sales since they can accommodate a greater and wider audience. One of our projects in Peru utilized a large..

YUCHIP Outdoor Fixed P10 LED Display Shines In Paraguay 5

Small communities and rural areas are now adopting the LED Display use. LED Display provides a clearer and more straightforward message among a small or large audiences.

YUCHIP P3 Traffic LED Display Screen In Beijing Metro 6

Through technology, conveying information becomes easier and more convenient. One example is installing LED displays for information and advertising in various..

YUCHIP Indoor P4 LED Display In Hunan 7

It is undeniable that LED displays create a friendlier atmosphere every time. The light, advertisements, and other content all together provide great entertainment.

The Biggest Oudoor Advertising LED Screen In south America 11

What’s more fascinating than a giant outdoor LED screen? Outdoor advertising creates a more eye-catching scene, in general.

P10 Outdoor Dual Maintenance LED Display in France 14

Dual maintenance displays provide a more convenient way of maintenance, energy-saving, cost-saving, and less workforce. You..

YUCHIP P4 Indoor LED Panel In Shanghai 15

Shanghai, China, is one of the most popular and crowded cities in China. Thus, digital touch is everywhere in the city; an example, LED Display use is prominent.

YUCHIP P4 Indoor HD LED Video Display In Malaysia 16

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that benefits well from tourist attractions. That is to say, the reason that they have hundreds of hotels is to provide the best accommodation to their guests.

P5.95 Outdoor Rental LED Display In Shenzhen 17

Outdoor rental LED displays are your one-stop LED displays for various seasonal and occasional events. One of YUCHIP’s popular outdoor rentals is the P5.95 and is utilized in..

P20 Outdoor Commercial Advertising LED Display Led billboard In Peru 18

Traffic roads may be hustling and overwhelming, especially during working hours where many cars pass by and rush every second. Through LED Displays, you’ll be..

P4 SMD2121 Indoor Church LED Display In Nigeria 19

LED Display is everywhere. It suits all establishments and venues and, an example, in church. While strengthening your faith and getting peace, you can also appreciate digital..

P6.25 Outdoor LED Display Rental In Budapest 20

Are you a sports fan who loves watching sports matches on television with your family or friends? Outdoor rental displays are here to give an ultra-fine experience. Feel the match..

P6.25 LED Video Wall In Hungary 21

LED Video Wall provides you a better visual experience, be it indoors or outdoors. On the other hand, the LED monitor produces flicker-free images and videos to help you reduce eye fatigue and other eye-related problems.

P6.25 Indoor Rental LED Video Wall In Hungary 3

Indoor events wouldn’t be complete without LED displays that set an immense ambiance through lighting and a digital atmosphere. Whatever indoor events you’ll have, indoor..

P4 Indoor LED Screens In GuangZhou 4

Indoor LED Screens are for various purposes, such as hotels, bars, casinos, or stage performances. The real deal is that it fascinates the audience and provides extra decorative points and an exquisite ambiance.

Indoor Full Color LED Display Screen In America 5

YUCHIP Indoor Full Color LED Display has reached miles and miles across countries and various venues and places. Be it for advertising, concerts, and other related occasions, LED display always gives..

P3 Indoor SMD LED Display In Singapore 6

Stage performances can always be fascinating, thanks to LED Displays. Besides making stage performances more beautiful, LED displays also give the audience a more..

7. P10 Outdoor DIP Led Display In FuJian

Many cities have adopted LED display use, especially outdoor ones. It benefits their businesses and creates wider and more livelihood opportunities.

10. P4 Indoor Rental Led Wall Advertising In GuangZhou

Many events occur once in a while, annually or seldom than that, so, many event organizers wonder how to get their events to..

11. P6 Indoor HD LED Display Screen In Thailand

HD Indoor Displays provide everyone an amazing viewing experience. Large displays, on the other hand, provides upfront..

13. Taxi Top LED Display in Thailand

Advertising may come in many ways and various methods. One effective way is the use of mobile advertising such as taxi top LED display.

16. P16 Trailer Led Display In Germany

Trailer LED Display leaves a thrilling experience for the viewers. Since it has movability features, it can manage to reach various places and huge audiences as well.

17. Truck LED Screen in Italy

Truck LED Screen is part of our mobile advertising display series. The truck display has the sole purpose of advertising and sharing quick information, providing entertainment to audiences in various..

19. Mobile Truck Led Panel In America

Mobile Truck enables more and more people to see advertising or other related content. It creates a wider and higher possibility that the product you’re advertising might go on the peak.

20. Trailer LED Screen in Germany

We recommend truck & trailer LED screens to run at a speed less than 30km/h to allow the audience to enjoy events, entertainment, and advertising content. The truck LED display adopts an ultra-slim rental LED screen..

22. P10 LED Screen Scoreboards in Beijing

LED Scoreboards contribute a lot to many sporting events. It provides a clearer view and gives the spectator the needed information to enjoy the game well.

23. P20 Sports LED Display in Brazil

Sports LED Display helps every spectator to enjoy the utmost experience of a live event such as sports and matches. While you enjoy the view, you’ll also access other information..

27. P20 Football Perimeter LED Display in Turkey

People love sports so much like it’s a necessary thing for us. It’s evident in what and how people show their love for sports, like..

28. Outdoor Rental Led Display In HangZhou P16

Outdoor concerts can always be fascinating through rental displays. One way or another, rental displays offer a convenient and easier way of organizing various events.

31. Outdoor P10 Renal LED Panel In Swizerland

Are you thinking about how you’ll give your audience an outstanding show? Outdoor rental is there to help you make a stunning yet affordable digital impact.

34. Standard Outdoor Rental LED Display in Nigeria

Are you thinking of how to intensify your outdoor events’ experience? Outdoor rentals are surely the answer to your doubts and questions. YUCHIP has various outdoor rental..

36. YUCHIP Rental LED Display in Shenzhen

Stage performances need LED displays to gain more audience and to seem more creative with visuals and lightings. Indoor rental display, for example, has enough..

37. P7.62 LED Stage Screen in Malaysia

Stage LED Screens are everywhere, especially in various performances. It gives the audience a clear view of the performance and story as well.

38. P10 Stage LED Display in Haerbin University

LED Displays are for educational purposes, too. Along with advertising, it can also be an effective medium for transferring knowledge in a learning facility such as schools, colleges..

39. Dual Maintenance LED Screen in Finland

Do you know dual maintenance LED screens are also for outdoor use? The availability of both sides, front, and rear, make dual maintenance even more convenient for many.

40. LED Display Screen in Italy Community

LED Screens are prominent in various locations and places. Its prominence rose to fame because of its varying benefits and significant changes it had brought into reality.

41. LED Advertising Display Screen in Xinjiang Hotel

Advertising is one of the best ways or methods of every business to convey messages and popularize their products and services. In the long run, one effective..

42. P10 Outdoor LED Billboards In Turkey

Outdoor LED Billboards serve as an effective information medium in sharing various relative data. One way or another, they’re not seemingly for advertising alone but for various purposes as well.

44. Indoor LED Screen in America

Concerts, performances, fashion shows, and other indoor events surely need a LED Display. What’s more intense than fancy music and digital lights? YUCHIP indoor LED screens have a broad application scope, and..

45. P16 Advertising LED Screen in Italy

This project utilized a P16 outdoor advertising display; it is an energy-saving, cost-effective and famous product among outdoor display series. Since advertising is so common these days, you need to have your LED display..

47. Outdoor LED Board Display in Russia

YUCHIP has over 17 years of experience as a professional LED Display manufacturer. Our products go through various methods to check and ensure the quality matches your expectations.

50. P25 LED Billboard Advertising in Columbia

Advertising LED Billboard is designed to function almost 24/7 under direct sunlight or cold air during rainy days. That’s why the outdoor billboard has to be energy-saving and cost-effective.

53. P20 LED Video Display in Hongkong

Hongkong adopts new technology just like other urbanized places around the world. One of the technologies they utilize is using the LED display in their business and making their vicinities more empowering.

54. P5 Indoor Led Panel In shangri-la hotel

Hotels, bars, and restaurants are fond of using LED Displays in their vicinities. LED Screens do not only improve the scene but entertain guests as well.

55. P6 HD LED Display In Albania

Shopping malls are one of the most crowded and most visited areas by avid city-goers. While LED displays are pretty entertaining, it helps people appreciate malls not only for..

58. P16 Outdoor LED Billboard in Italy

Whenever you look around in big cities or even rural areas, you’ll see stunning billboards. Billboards may come for various purposes such as for information display..

59. Large Video LED Display of P20 in Germany

LED display can show various content and can work 24/7 especially outdoor displays. In many ways, video LED display helps people..

61. P10 Outdoor LED Display Panel in Spain

Wherever you are, it seems like technology follows you. Its integration is almost in every aspect of our lives, our daily lives in particular.

62. P6 Indoor LED Stage Rental Display in Brunei

ASEAN is one of the international summits that is held annually. ASEAN is an..

63. P10 Advertising Outdoor LED Display in Thailand

Many outdoor advertising firms believe that LED display use improves their status in many ways. To emphasize, LED advertising has changed significantly many businesses and..

19. Mobile Truck Led Panel In America

Mobile Truck enables more and more people to see advertising or other related content. It creates a wider and higher possibility that the product you’re advertising might go on the peak.

Outdoor Digital Advertising LED Screen in Macau

Outdoor advertising screens give you knowledge and information about various products and services. Along with that, you’ll get to watch trivia that’ll give you learning..

16. P16 Trailer Led Display In Germany

Trailer LED Display leaves a thrilling experience for the viewers. Since it has movability features, it can manage to reach various places and huge audiences as well.

YUCHIP P20 Outdoor Advertising Screens In Peru 3

Outdoor billboards, having large panels and heavyweight need careful and safe installation. One safe and popular outdoor installation is through a column.

33. P6 Stage LED Display Wall

Stage shows, concerts, recitals, and performances will not be as delightful as it is without the dancing lights and promising LED displays behind performers. Undeniably..

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