LED Perimeter Boards

LED Perimeter Boards will help your event to be more appealing and attracting to spectators.
  • Sports Perimeter LED Screen serves as displays for game-related information, ads, and sponsor acknowledgment and emergency purposes.
  • With IP65’s high-level ingress protection rating, the screens can usually work even on rainy days.
  • The screens are convenient for users to manage the content, play the advertisement, and have proprietary stadium playback software.

Sport LED Screen Series

Sports perimeter displays have been part of our favorite international sporting events. They have impacted how we perceive sports and our standard of watching. YUCHIP Sports Perimeter LED Series includes stadium display, football perimeter, rental perimeter for rental sports events, and perimeter boards that you can use for displaying scores, participants’ details, and advertisements.

YUCHIP 250㎡ P16 Outdoor LED Display Aging Test

Stadium LED screen creates a more intense atmosphere at national or international competitions.

LED Perimeter Boards3

LED perimeter boards have a high contrast corrugated light absorbing mask – dustproof and waterproof.

P8.0 Rental and Perimeter LED Display 1

The rental perimeter LED screen is designed for sporting events, live broadcasting, and commercial advertising.

  • Yuchip
  • YUCHIP-LED-Screen
  • YUCHIP-LED-Screen-in-Fina-2017-World-Swimming-Championship-4
  • YUCHIP-LED-Screen-in-Fina-2017-World-Swimming-Championship-5
  • YUCHIP-LED-Screen-in-Fina-2017-World-Swimming-Championship-6

YUCHIP Stadium LED Display In Fina World Swimming Championship

Fina World Swimming Championship is one of the most awaited sporting events globally, where around 60 nations send their best athletes to compete.

  • YUCHIP provided the event with various perimeter boards to escalate the sporting event’s standards.
  • YUCHIP helped the event attain an enormous ambiance as it is one of the most significant swimming events in history that started in 1973.

Rental LED Perimeter Boards For Your Convenience

YUCHIP also has rental perimeter series for your ease. You don’t have to worry about seasonal sports events.

  • Our rental perimeter pixel pitch ranges from P4, P4.16, P5, P6.25, P8, P8.33, P10, etc.
  • SMD1921 and SMD2727 for pixel configuration.
  • With brightness reaching 6500 dots/sqm.
  • Uniform 400*300 mm panel dimension.
  • The horizontal and vertical view is 160/160, respectively.
  • LED Perimeter Boards
  • IP65 waterproof grade Led Perimeter boards
  • LED Perimeter Board
  • Hard connection design, support hot plug maintenance LED Perimeter Boards
  • Full pre – and post-maintenance support for different environment LED Perimeter Boards
  • Quick installation LED Perimeter Boards

Popular Perimeter LED Display Screen

LED Perimeter Boards
LED Perimeter Boards
Under normal circumstances, the multi-functional gymnasium can meet large-scale dance, artistic performance, various sports competitions, and other large-scale activities. Thus, the LED display screen plays a vital role..
LED Perimeter Boards
Rental Perimeter LED Display
Rental perimeter LED Display Screen is a type of LED Display designed for sporting events, live broadcasting, and commercial advertising. It is best with sporting events that are done..
30. P10 Fooball Perimeter LED Display
P10 Football Perimeter LED Display
Stadium LED screen creates a more intense atmosphere at national or international competitions. It easily captures your spectator’s attention and adds to the enjoyment of all.
Outdoor P16 Perimeter LED Screen 22
P16 Outdoor Perimeter LED Display
P16 Outdoor Perimeter LED Display utilizes soft LED module, soft beam on top of each cabinet; adjustable back brackets, changing leaning angle as needed and HDMI, SDI signal..
  • High Definition, High Refresh Rate & High Brightness

65536-level high grayscale provides a more realistic and delicate display performance; the high brightness of up to 6500nit can display the outdoor video sunlight.

With the high-quality IC, the refresh rate can be as high as 4,800 Hz. It ensures the perfect display of beautiful pictures captured by HD cameras, making the screen accurately meet online broadcasting needs.

  • Quick Installation

Reasonable size and snap-on connectors between the cabinets make them easy to install and disassemble. The average installation time of the football field display is only about 3 hours.

  • Convenient Movement

For easy and rapid movement, we added wheels at the bottom of the cabinets, which will be pretty valuable when an emergency exit is needed;

  • High Ingress Protection Rating

With IP65 high-level ingress protection rating, the screens can usually work even on rainy days.

  • Perfect Software Support

Equipped with proprietary stadium playback software, the screens are convenient for users to manage the content and play the advertisement.

Pixel Pitch (mm)


5 6.25 8.33


Pixel Configuration



Panel Resolution

96 x 72

86 x 60 64 x 48 48 x 36


Panel Dimension

400 x 300mm

Pixel Density


40000 25600 14400


Panel Weight




Chromaticity Uniformity


Cabinet Flatness






160X180 128X144 96X108


Display Work Method




Grey Scale


Refresh Rate


IP Rating


Operating Temp./Humidity Range (℃/RH)

-20~60℃ / 10%~85%

Storage Temp./ Humidity Range (℃/RH)

-20~60℃ / 10%~85%


160°/ 160°

Color Temperature (K)



YUCHIP Stadium and Rental Perimeter

Sports Perimeter LED Screen

Sports Perimeter LED Screens play a vital role in the occurrence of sports worldwide. It is generally responsible for the excellent message and information flow which is essential in an international match.

Also, along with that, the organizers’ efforts count. Sports events wouldn’t be alone successful without each, alone. And YUCHIP takes it into account, so we gladly give our service always.


LED Perimeter Boards do not only act as an information medium and advertising method, but it also avoids accidents to happen worse. The perimeter boards are like safety equipment that serves as barriers between spectators and participants.


  • You can choose among pixel pitch range; P4.16, P5, P6.25, P8.33, and P10.
  • It uses SMD (SMD1921 and SMD2727), which brings energy-efficient lamps.
  • The pixel density might reach up to 57600 dots/sqm, so; the display can show fine details of content like texts, ads, videos, or images.
Perimeter LED Display Emergency Exit
  • It weighs 22.4 kg and comes with an anti-skid handle to prevent damage and maintain the display’s steady performance.
  • The refresh rate is around 3840 hertz which signifies no flicker and no delay images and videos.
Perimeter LED Display Emergency Exit
Perimeter LED Display
  • The perimeter board can stand a temperature of -20 to 60 degrees celsius. It means it can work harmoniously even under direct sunlight in an open area like an arena, stadium, or other sports venues.
  • The vertical and horizontal viewing angle is 160/160, respectively.
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